Mommy & Me: Two to Three-Year-Olds
Two to three year olds are naturally curious about the world around them which they tend to explore first with their eyes followed by the rest of their senses. Young at Art encourages their natural inclination with a multi-sensory experience that includes the visual stimulus of artmaking, the sound of songs about shapes and gluing, the smell of tempera paint and clay, the feel of materials and the taste of a snack that ties into the art lesson of the day. The artwork children make with their grownups is large, colorful, joyful and often, functional. Grownups have a chance to meet each other and are often surprised at how much they enjoy making art.
Art concepts explored: Names of shapes, color recognition and mixing, collaging, texture, sound variations, comparisons: inside and outside, big and small.
Skills learned: Fine motor skills are developed through squeezing glue, cutting, stringing beads, drawing, peeling stickers, stamping, spray painting and marble painting.
Past projects have included: Painting on geometric shapes, mobiles, making play dough, hats, masks, jack-in-the-boxes, puppets.

Three to Four Year Olds
Three year olds are learning to separate from their grownups and are eager to explore new ideas on their own. Young At Art gives them the foundations for making art and the freedom to use these newfound ideas to express themselves. They learn that art comes in many forms: it can be two or three-dimensional, it can hang from the ceiling or be a big funky book. Concepts go beyond shape and color to include texture, balance and opposites.
Art Concepts explored: Color mixing, shape variations, texture, size, opposites, long and short, light and shadow, balance, two and three dimensionality, parts of the body and face.
Skills developed: Mixing colors and pouring paint, squeezing glue, sewing, stringing beads, cutting, stacking, balancing and gluing three dimensional shapes, drawing shapes, measuring lengths, making personal choices, listening and following directions, sharing ideas during story time, working cooperatively, contributing ideas.
Past projects have included: Printing in a book, mono-prints on plexiglass, mobiles, shadow puppets, giant box construction, opposite book, shape puzzles, instruments and clay.

Four to Five Year Olds
Children this age are better able to access their ideas visually than verbally and continue to develop fine and gross motor skills. Making art is a perfect vehicle for them to communicate their ideas. Young At Art supports their effort to make both abstract and representational art while going deeper into projects by adding details to enhance their work.
Art concepts explored: Color mixing, shape configurations, negative space, body parts, three dimensional construction, moving images, placing objects within a landscape, and pattern.
Skills developed: Fine motor skills: gluing, cutting, stringing shapes, drawing and sewing. Large motor skills with giant mural painting, creative movement games and clay work. Expressing ideas for stories, working cooperatively following directions are key readiness skills for kindergarten.
Projects: Night mural painting, large flying creatures, wood constructions, marionettes and individual stages, house and landscape painting, giant pizza, dragon puppets and hobby horses.


Kindergarteners, though still imaginative, are increasingly concrete thinkers with a rudimentary sense of logic that is ready to be challenged. Young At Art entices kindergarteners with projects that challenge their perceptions and tap into their vivid imaginations. Three-dimensional projects are intentionally included to expand children's knowledge of materials and their properties. The children are encouraged to incorporate into their work the world as they see it.
Art concepts explored: Construction, balance, inside outside, parts to the whole, line variations, color mixing, and three dimensional constructions.
Skills developed: Fine motor gluing and collaging, spray-bottle painting, cutting, sewing, drawing.
Past projects have included: Dollhouses with furniture and people, three-dimensional constructions, vehicles, a giant road map, small houses, trees, lakes and birds, travel books, animal marionettes and stages.

First Graders
First graders are developing complex thinking skills patterns turn into sequences that transform into an understanding of words and numbers. Similarly, they are willing to follow a series of steps in anticipation of a final result. Young At Art carefully breaks down several complex long-term projects into a series of enjoyable smaller projects. This approach enables first graders to explore a theme in-depth, complete a multi-step project, and feel proud of their creations. Sketching instruction and some observational drawing is introduced at this level.
Art concepts explored: Two and three dimensionality, capturing a three dimensional shape on paper, concentric shapes, color mixing, composition, diagramming face parts, freeform shapes and spirals.
Skills developed: Sketching techniques, color mixing, complicated cutting, taping, balance, fine and large motor skills in constructing large and small complex projects.
Past projects have included: Free-form painting with spirals, pencil, pastel, paint and clay, portraits, still-life drawing and painting, concentric relief constructions, multi-shaped sculptures, a giant dinner party with food, china, table cloth, goblets and candelabras.

Grade 2
Second graders are developing an understanding of abstract ideas and learning how to express those ideas in words. Young At Art motivates second graders to express their creative ideas visually as well as verbally. In a warm-up activity at the beginning of each class, children brainstorm ideas which are then further developed in different media. This process makes second graders aware of the path from idea generation through to final expression. Classes also allow time for children to share their creative process with each other in group discussions. Sketching instruction is included at this level, at which children are particularly interested in expressing what they know and see.
Art concepts explored: Balance, three dimensionality, shape, light and shadow, positive and negative space, line variations, under and over, and spatial relationships.
Skills developed: Mixing “values” of a color, weaving, balance in building a three dimensional object, wrapping, sewing, interpreting a three dimensional object on a two dimensional surface, face mapping, creating backgrounds, contour drawing.
Past projects included: Individual advanced still-lives, family portraits, creative weaving, wire figures, dinosaur and other animal sculptures and relief constructions.

Grades 3-6
Children in grades three to six have varying skill levels and interests. Young At Art divides them by age group for social compatibility. Children are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a theme or concept and then explore its many possibilities in depth using a variety of materials and techniques. Themes can range from realistic to imaginary and in some instances, run the course of an entire session. Each class incorporates drawing, sometimes as a visual journal of work in progress. Young At Art encourages these older artists to continue using their creativity, along with refining the skills necessary to execute their ideas.
Art concepts explored: Light and shadow, monochromatic, linear-ness, kinetic art (art that moves), three dimensionality, surrealism, imaginary drawing, optical illusion.
Skills developed: Contour drawing, balancing materials, wrapping, sewing, advanced color mixing, imaginary drawing, realistic drawing, inventing- objects that work, working with plaster, constructing complex marionettes, constructing building models.
Past projects included: Giant accordion folded castles, robots, monochromatic mobiles, toys, wood relief constructions, multi-media portrait books, bobble heads, totem poles, three dimensional surrealistic paintings, complex marionettes and pop up scenery, stacked box constructions that move, wizardry books, flip books, op art, video commercials and imaginary museums.

Family Sunday Workshop
These workshops are designed for the entire family to come together and make art in a relaxed fun way. The workshops include a painting project, a mobile construction project and a puppet, stage and show project. Children two and up along with adults of all ages are invited to participate.

June mini camp for 3-5 year olds
In this abbreviated session a summer theme is explored. The children make multiple projects with a variety of materials that relate to the theme. Past themes have included summer travel with vehicles, picnic food and travel books and the outdoors, with tents, ponds and fishing rods.

July Mommy and Me 2-3 year olds
This introduction to Young At Art offers a sampler of art making experiences for toddlers and their grownups. Both work side-by-side painting, gluing, cutting and stringing as they make a giant shape puzzle, a windsock, a soft puppet and stage for a show and a wagon that they can pull.


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